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  • Dr. Kim Danoff

Wilma the Goose is Reunited with her Mate

Wilma is a female Canada Goose that had fishing line wrapped tightly around her leg. The injury was so old that her skin had grown over most of the fishing line. Due to severe pain, she struggled to walk. Luckily a kind man that lives near the pond, spotted Wilma and called Dr. Danoff for help. She caught Wilma and took her to Blue Ridge Wildlife Center where Dr. Riley put her under anesthesia and removed the fishing line. She stayed at Blue Ridge for about 2 weeks until she was ready to be released. This video shows her being released at the pond where her mate was waiting for her. Unfortunately, an aggressive male that was also on the pond tried to drown Wilma before she was reunited with her mate. Wilma and her mate were so happy to see each other, and she was so happy to be home and to bathe in her pond again. Hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.

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