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Flight is a parrot's primary means of movement in the wild.

Our Mission: To set the standard of excellence in captive bird care, and to preserve green space for future generations of wild birds. 

The Center For Avian Welfare was founded in 2016 by veterinarian Dr. Kim Danoff.  It was her lifelong dream to have a nonprofit that focused on animals overlooked by society.  In 2000 she decided birds would become the focus of her welfare efforts after realizing they are one of the most mistreated and misunderstood wild animals kept in captivity.  

The Center for Avian Welfare is a vegan nonprofit.  We made this decision based on the fact that animal agriculture is the number one cause of rainforest destruction which is greatly reducing the numbers of parrots in the wild. 

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Our Board of Directors
Dr. Kim Danoff
Shannon White
Bill White
Our Projects
We are tackling avian welfare issues on many different fronts from proper care to habitat loss. 
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To help support our educational programs, and our efforts to rescue both captive and wild birds, you can donate via PayPal using this link

At the Center for Avian Welfare, we love all birds. Check out Dr. Kim Danoff on Animal Planet's Sitting Ducks.

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Watch Dr. Kim Danoff featured on Animal Planet's A Pet Story

Watch Dr. Kim Danoff featured on Animal Planet's A Pet Story

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It is time that we establish new guidelines for captive bird care with their needs as the top priority. 

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